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Our mission is to help you live a holistic lifestyle, providing you with top tips for growth within you physical and mental wellbeing. This community is here to support you on your journey to build a culture of wellness today and for the next generations by providing...

  • A network that is overall holistic support to their mental, emotional, and physical wellness.
  • Exclusive content and material you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas around our shared mission.
  • Connecting with others in a dogma-free space.
  • Find inspiration to become a better version of yourself.

Introducing the R.C. Wellness Club


What's Included

Yoga Therapy (Book Club)

30 Minute Monthly Check-in with Life Coach

Access to Online Courses

Free Daily Wellness Tips or Videos

20% Discount on Product and Services

About Us

Nia Ridgle - Mental Wellness Educator/ Therapist/ Life Coach

Nia Ridgle is a Licensed Mental Health Faith-Based Therapist, currently residing in San Jose California. She is the owner of Ridgle Consulting, a mental health private practice that focuses on restorative healing and effective leadership. 

Nia’s area of expertise primarily focuses on treating mental health symptoms such as depression, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, and transition. She believes when you make yourself the solution to your problems, you take back your power by taking full accountability to be the change you desire.

Her life’s mission is to support and empower others while instilling foundational principles to help break unhealthy habits and repeating cycles. She finds when you reveal you, you heal. Many people feel helpless and hopeless, she empowers people to revolutionize their healing and achieve their life goals through raising self-awareness.

Harvey Mills - Wellness Life Coach

Hi, my name is Harvey W. Mills, III.  I am a Holistic Wellness Life Coach, currently living in Walnut Creek, California. I am the proud owner of Imperfectoutletz, a life coaching wellness brand built around my experience as a person of color and my passion to bring balance to our spirit and ego. I am also the owner of BALL GAME Training, which is a basketball brand geared toward mentality and life coaching. BALL GAME Training allows clients to take principles on the basketball court and translate them to spaces off the basketball court. My life's mission is to never settle for comfortable and empower others by sharing my experiences in spirit while bringing balance to my ego to meet people where they are and manifest productive change.

Joe Bala - Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Joe Bala Fitness is a Certified Personal Trainer, Spartan SGX Coach L2, Ninja Warrior, Mental Health Warrior, and Former Engineer. Coach Joe battles living with depression & anxiety, which he has fully embraced is a part of him, but will not define or limit him. Coach Joe empowers people to realize & reach their full potential through fitness such as Personal Training, Small Group Training, Boot Camp Training, but most especially Spartan Training. Improving and maintaining his clients/students physical & mental health through functional movement, bodyweight training, as well as strength & conditioning training are his focus.  

Rondy Issac - Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga/Meditation

RONDYOGA offers yoga classes that feature an upbeat, energetic flow, emphasizing strength building postures, and power, movements to provide more flexibility. Focusing on mind, body, and breath-connections, students will benefit from a traditional yoga practice with a soulful spin. RONDYOGA practice is compassionate, fun, and designed for wellness practices for Black women.

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